Our goal has always been to keep ice cream fun and bring a smile to our customers face and 100 Pints for Awesome People is our way of giving back, but we need your help finding them. Healthcare workers are obvious in tough times which we love delivering to and will continue, but how about the teachers, grocery clerk, flight attendant, local business, good neighbour or all-around awesome people in good/bad times that need a lift or a sign that we all care.

Send us a message or tag us on social and we’ll grow the 100 pints together.

100 Pints for Awesome People!

Locally Made

Frozen Paddle is a Prince George, BC based craft ice creamery that prides itself on creating happiness one scoop or frozen treat at a time. 

 We make small batch, locally made ice cream and frozen treats using local ingredients when possible to create flavours for our community to enjoy at our scoop shop on Cowart Road or from our mobile truck at events.


Encouraged by the local movement of craft breweries across Canada in late 2014, Co-Founders Wes Pederson and Kevin Pederson looked to other industries that brought communities together and landed on ice cream.

Shortly thereafter, Wes attended Penn State’s Ice Cream Short Course to get a better understanding of the food science behind what makes good ice cream and officially became the CIO (Chief Ice Cream Officer).    

Who We are 

Inspired by the history of the paddle steamers that went up and down the Fraser River and the churn paddle used to make ice cream, the name Frozen Paddle captures the sense of community our brand is about and the play on words keeps things fun like ice cream is suppose to be.


We are community focused and can be found around town at various events, fundraisers, corporate events, weddings, farmers markets, and more. Click the link below to find out where we’ll be for our next event and contact us if you need something “cool” for yours.

Customer REviews

We love hearing from you!

Great homemade ice cream! Awesome service! Not to mention locally owned and operated! You can not go wrong with the Frozen Paddle! Highly recommend to everyone!

Deven K.


Scoop Shop & Ice Cream Production:

4038 Cowart Road, Prince George, BC V2N 6H9 

Phone: (250) 612-7775

Mail: pints@frozenpaddle.com

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