Frozen Paddle


Frozen Paddle is a craft ice creamery with scoop shops in Prince George and Kamloops that is focused on creating memories with our community.

Locally Made

We aren't your average scoop shop that just scoops ice cream. We create all our amazing craft ice cream in house using local ingredients when possible and share them with our community at local events, private functions, and our
scoop shops.


Our scoop shops in Prince George and Kamloops always have our "Frozen 8" flavours on scoop and at least one dairy free option. We also like to keep things creative with seasonal or limited release flavours on scoop too.

Pints, Popsicles & More

If a single scoop or double isn't what you are looking for, we have pints to  enjoy when and wherever you like and our amazing craft popsicles too. We also have the best milkshakes and our always popular Winter Pints Club. 


Collectively our team at Frozen Paddle is passionate about ice cream, we are creative, ambitious, and always looking to do what is right for our guests to create the best experience possible every visit. 

Why Frozen Paddle?

Inspired by the history of the paddle steamers that went up and down the Fraser River and the "churn paddle" that is used to make ice cream, the name Frozen Paddle is a play on words that keeps things fun like ice cream is supposed to be and also captures the sense of community that our brand is about.

Our Story

Encouraged by the local movement of craft breweries across Canada in late 2014, we looked to other industries that brought communities together and landed on ice cream.


We are community focused and can be found around town at various events, fundraisers, corporate events, weddings, farmers markets, and more.

Follow our social media channels to find out where we’ll be for our next event or contact us if you need something “cool” for yours.

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